OCAP Funded Programs 2018

Click to view a detailed map of our funded programs: OCAP Program Map 2018

The Economic Empowerment grant has been awarded to five organizations to implement the “Your Money, Your Goals” financial education curriculum. The recipients are: Community Action Partnership of Orange County, SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) San Diego, Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County, Community Action Partnership of Kern and Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County.

The Parent Leadership grant has been awarded to Lead 4 Tomorrow’s Family Hui Mainland program with the goal of providing training and technical assistance to empower parents so they may become leaders in their communities.

The Strategies grant has been awarded to The Child Abuse Prevention Center , The Children’s Bureau , and the San Diego State University Research Foundation Social Policy Institute . These organizations will work in collaboration to provide services to strengthen communities, organizations and families.

The Innovative Partnerships grant has been awarded to six Child Abuse Prevention Councils forming a regional collaborative in an effort to improve child abuse prevention outcomes and create prevention networks in their communities. The OCAP’s new funded partners are the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento , Casa of Mendocino and Lake Counties , Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents and Children , Contra Costa Child Abuse Prevention Council , Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention and Center for Family Strengthening .

The Community in Unity grant has been awarded to five organizations to implement a collective impact approach to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The recipients are UpValley Family Centers of Napa County , Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents & Children , the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County , the South Bay Center for Counseling , and the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center .