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OCAP County Liaisons

The purpose of this page is to help our County Partners in capturing and entering the data required to satisfy The Office of Child Abuse Prevention’s (OCAP) annual reporting requirements. The tool used is called Efforts-to-Outcome (ETO), a cloud-based database in which counties have the ability to enter data in a real-time environment.

This data is collected and entered by counties that receive funding to support services which aid efforts to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect. The data is used by OCAP and the counties to better track the impact of those services on communities, and at-risk and CWS involved children and families.

Efforts-To-Outcomes (ETO) References

  • Link to ETO Login Site
  • Service Activity and Funding Stream Template - BLANK (Excel)
  • ETO Terms and Conditions (Rev 6/2018) (Pdf)
  • 2018 ETO User Guide (updated)
  • Annual Report Checklist (Rev 07/2018) (Pdf)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (2018)
  • Training Videos

  • Printing Last Year's Data (4.42 min)
  • Printing a Blank TouchPoint (2.39 min)
  • Recording a Blank TouchPoint (5.12 min)
  • Populating a TouchPoint with Previous Years Data (2.51 min)
  • Edit an Existing TouchPoint (3.17 min)
  •  Recorded Webinar Training (90 min)

  • Program Description Documents

  • Program Evaluation Description Instructions (Pdf)
  • Program Evaluation Description (Pdf)
  • Program Evaluation Description (Word)
  • CAPIT, CBCAP, PSSF Program and Evaluation Description (Pdf)
  • CAPIT, CBCAP, PSSF Program and Evaluation Description (Word)
  • ETO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Access our FAQs page to learn more about funding requirements and service descriptions.
  • Other Forms