State Children's Trust Fund

The State Children’s Trust Fund (SCTF) was established as a separate fund in the state treasury in 1983 for the purpose of child abuse and neglect prevention. The Legislature specified the Office of Child Abuse Prevention as responsible for administering programs and projects with the SCTF’s annual allocation. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 18969 limits administrative costs to no more than five percent of the annual allocation. The SCTF is derived from moneys from state income tax voluntary donations, a percentage of birth certificate fees from state vital statistics, and a portion of specialty license plate revenue.

Visit SCTF Program descriptions and expenditures to learn more about programs supported by the State Children's Trust Fund. You can help continue the efforts to protect our children from abuse and neglect by donating to the SCTF. Click to learn how.

Programs currently supported by the SCTF include:

  • California Evidenced Based Clearinghouse (CEBC)|#|Free Online Mandated Reporter Training|#|Public Awareness Campaigns|#|Training Programs|#|Training Conferences
    California Evidenced Based Clearinghouse, an organization investigating and scientifically rating the evidence and effectiveness of child abuse and neglect programs and ancillary programs that support parents and children through training, research, and direct services. |#|Free online mandated reporter training allows ease of learning for the multitude of mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. General training modules are offered in English and Spanish. Modules targeted to specific professions, such as teachers, nurses and clergy are also offered. |#|Public awareness campaigns for child safety concerns such as Shaken Baby Syndrome, Safe Surrender Baby Law, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention. |#|Training programs for family resource specialists to support parents and strengthen families through the utilization of the five protective factors. |#|Training conferences for increasing parent leadership in community-based child abuse and neglect prevention efforts; and increasing awareness of domestic violence in families and the effects upon child development and growth.

The Legislature’s intent for the SCTF includes:

  • Dissemination and Research
    Funding of large-scale dissemination of information that will promote public awareness regarding the nature and incidence of child abuse and neglect and the availability of services for intervention including but not limited to, the production of public service announcements, well-designed posters, pamphlets, booklets, videos, and other media tools.