Grant/Contract Opportunities

Economic Empowerment

The California Department of Social Services’ (CDSS) Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) is pleased to announce the release of the Economic Empowerment Request for Application (RFA) for calendar years 2018-19. Approximately $750,000 per year of federal funding will be available, to fund up to ten grantees for the Economic Empowerment Program.

The OCAP seeks to reduce stress on families and combat risk factors for child abuse and neglect. The purpose of this grant is to support the financial empowerment of parents as part of the core child abuse and neglect prevention services provided to families. The goals of this grant are to grant funds affiliated with tribal organizations, utilize the “YOUR MONEY, YOUR GOALS” toolkit and provide services through a home visitation or center-based model.

 Applicants must currently be qualified to receive the Community Services Block Grants serving families with children living in poverty. 

Economic Empowerment RFA (PDF Download)
     • Due Date: October 20, 2017 5:00 pm PST

Required RFA Forms:

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OCAP Awarded Grants

Parent Leadership Program: A training and technical assistance program to create parent leaders and empower them to actively participate in program planning and the evaluation of systems in the area of child abuse prevention, specifically to mitigate the major risk factors of poverty and substance abuse.

Parent Leadership RFA: Q&A  (Webinar) 
Parent Leadership RFA: Q&A
Announcement: Parent Leadership Awarded

Community in Unity RFA: Community in Unity will develop collective impact projects with a focus on mitigating poverty and/or substance abuse in targeted areas
of  need throughout the state of California.

Community in Unity RFA: Q&A (Webinar)
Community in Unity RFA: Q&A
Announcement: Community in Unity Awarded  

Innovative Partnerships RFA: The Innovative Partnerships program is for the development of regional collaborative networks between Child Abuse Prevention Councils (CAPCs) and community stakeholders, in an effort to improve child abuse prevention outcomes.

Innovative Partnerships Q&A (Webinar)
Innovative Partnerships RFA: Q&A
Announcement: Innovative Partnerships Awarded  

Strategies 2.0 RFA: The OCAP is seeking a collaborative applicant (two or more organizations) with the capacity and ability to provide statewide T&TA in  best practices and/or promising practices to mitigate the major risk factors of child abuse and neglect, particularly substance abuse and poverty.

Strategies RFA: Q&A 
Announcement: Strategies Grant Awarded