Grantee and County Participation in Child Abuse Prevention Month 2018

memorial flag

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and CAPC Contra Costa staff (pictured above) with the memorial flag to highlight child safety and child abuse prevention in their county.

Family Hui piloted a text messaging program where they sent positive parenting messages every day during CAP month.This included participants all over the state!

Innovative Partnerships – Greater Bay Area:

Alameda County distributed Safe Sleep materials including door knockers and bus posters. 

Napa County screened the film Resilience at the beginning and end of the month, had a strong social media campaign and hosted “Paint the Town Blue”. They also worked with the Board of Supervisors to create a proclamation.

Solano County hosted several film screenings of Resilience and the Children’s Alliance sponsored a panel discussion about the film. They also hosted a memorial flag day with dignitaries to honor victims whose lives were lost due to child abuse.

Marin County hosted a speaking engagement with Azim Khamisa to discuss “Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit”, a book about emotional and spiritual resiliency.

Sonoma County also hosted Azim Khamisa and had a Board of Supervisors proclamation.

Santa Clara County hosted their annual symposium with Colleen Friend, David Love and several other champions in the field.

Contra Costa County presented a luncheon on the 19th. They worked throughout the month to distribute materials to raise awareness, and had a Board of Supervisors proclamation. They also worked with Strategies 2.0 to present a training on the effects of childhood trauma with all the juvenile court judges and attorneys. 

San Mateo County hosted a proclamation.

Monterey County hosted their annual Child Abuse Prevention Month breakfast event. This has been a tradition for almost 30 years now, and their retiring District Attorney was honored at the event. They distributed bookmarks and other giveaways that Partners in Prevention has helped produce, as well as the Cost of Child Abuse report.

Innovative Partnerships – Sacramento/Sierra:

Yuba County did a Board of Supervisors proclamation and a County Wear Blue 4 Kids Friday.They also purchased and distributed magnets on “10 Ways You Can Help Prevent Child Abuse” and “10 Tips for Positive Parenting Cards.”

Inyo County co-hosted a Children’s Memorial Day Flag Raising Ceremony.

Mono County sent Child Abuse Prevention resources to preschools and elementary schools, promoted a Wear Blue 4 Kids Day and participated in the Children’s Memorial Day Flag Event.

Nevada County presented at the Board of Supervisors meetings to raise awareness, distributed Child Abuse Prevention awareness magnets and other materials. They also participated in the Memorial Flag Raising Day.

Placer County did an interview on a radio show, hosted their annual luncheon, and sponsored a mall display at the Westfield Galleria.

Tuolumne County displayed pinwheels and a big blue ribbon with a banner for the month of May and held their Annual Prevent Child Abuse Tuolumne County – Victims’ Rights luncheon.

Yolo County distributed Weathering the Storm CAP Month materials to partners and participated in OCAP’s Days at the Capitol.Sacramento County

Innovative Partnerships – Colusa (this includes the Northern region of the state):

They purchased targeted materials to distribute during the month of April including tote bags, yard stakes and window clings to promote CAP Month and child abuse prevention.

The CEBC set up resource tables for families and staff at the hospital and the main outpatient site. They also did the Brain Architecture Game ( at two events as a way to raise awareness and improve understanding about the impact of trauma.