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This page is for parents and caregivers to learn about different child care settings as well as state and federally funded child care assistance.

Types of Child Care Settings

Licensed Family Child Care: Licensed family child care is care offered in a child care provider’s home. Families may choose family child care for their children because it is a home-based setting with smaller adult-to-child ratios. This type of care is licensed by the CDSS’s Child Care Licensing Division.

Child Care Center: Child care centers are facilities that operate in a commercial setting. These programs are also licensed by the state. Child care centers range in size and can be operated by community-based organizations, school districts, religious institutions, or private businesses. Families may choose center-based care because of the more structured, classroom-like environment, greater number of adults present in the facility, and the greater variety of equipment, supplies, and activities available.

If you select a licensed child care provider, we encourage you to visit the Child Care Licensing Facility Search Webpage. You can use this website to learn about a licensed provider’s facility inspection reports, violations, and inspection history. Another helpful resource is the Child Care Licensing Parent Resource Page.

Family Friend or Neighbor Care: Family, Friend, or Neighbor Care (also known as License-Exempt Child Care) is care provided in the child’s or child care provider’s home by a person who is a relative, friend, neighbor, or other license-exempt provider. This type of care is not required to be licensed by the State of California. Families who choose this type of care may know and trust the caregiver. Families may choose this type of care for linguistic or cultural reasons, or for flexibility in scheduling, and transportation reasons.

Parents or guardians looking for child care can reach out to their local Child Care Resource and Referral Program (R&R). R&Rs have a directory of child care providers and give resources and information to parents looking for child care. R&Rs also help child care providers with training and licensing. R&Rs also have a tollfree telephone number. If you would like more assistance, call 1-800-KIDS-7933.

Parents or guardians can also look for licensed child care providers in their area using the online search tool.

The State of California may be able to help pay for your child care if you meet certain income and eligibility criteria. In California, there are two types of subsidized child care: voucher-based and center-based or direct service programs.

  • Voucher-based Programs: Voucher-based programs provide vouchers for families to obtain care in licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, or license-exempt family, friend, and neighbor care at the parents’ option.
    • If you select a license-exempt provider, they may be required to complete a background check in order to be reimbursed for their care through a voucher-based program. You can learn more about the steps to pass this background check on our TrustLine webpage.
  • Center-based/Direct Service Programs: Direct service, center-based subsidized programs contract with the State directly and enroll families at child care and development centers, based on income eligibility and other criteria. You can reach out to your local R&R for a list of center-based programs available in your area.

Parent Appeals

For regulations regarding parental appeal rights, see California Code of Regulations, Title 5 (5 CCR), Section 18118 et seq.

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