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Find resources for current and prospective Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) operators and family day care home providers on the web pages below.  Resources for child or adult participants receiving CACFP meals can be found on the Participants and Families page.


Appeal ProcessThe CACFP appeal process for operators that appeal certain actions taken by the California Department of Social Services.

CACFP Administrative Manual: Instructions for how to operate the CACFP in California, including state and federal guidance on critical compliance areas of the program.

CACFP Bulletins: Important policy guidance updates that have been sent out to program operators.

CACFP Training: prospective program operator training, elective training, annual CACFP mandatory training, in-person training opportunities, and additional CACFP training databases.

Free or Reduced-Price Meal (Student Poverty) Data: The complete California Department of Education’s data files pertaining to K–12 student percentages for those who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

List of CACFP Sites by County: A list of CACFP sites, addresses, sponsor name, and site information, sorted by county

List of DCH Sponsors by County: A list of day care home (DCH) sponsors and their contact information, by county. Family DCH providers must work with a DCH sponsor to participate in the CACFP.

Reimbursement Claim Instructions: Claim submission instructions for CACFP Center and Day Care Home sponsors.

Returning Uncashed Check Funds: Instructions for returning uncashed Day Care Home provider and Sponsored Center reimbursement funds.

Serious Deficiency Process for Day Care Home SponsorsThe CACFP serious deficiency process and corrective action plan for Day Care Home Sponsors with links to additional serious deficiency guidance .

Serious Deficiency Process for Program OperatorsThe CACFP serious deficiency process and corrective action plan for CACFP operators with links to additional serious deficiency guidance .

For information on other Child Nutrition Programs in California, such as the National School Lunch Program, please visit the California Department of Education's Nutrition web page.

Meal Requirements & Nutrition

Find resources on the CACFP meal patterns, crediting, menu planning, and nutrition education at CACFP Meal Requirements and Nutrition.


The following federal regulations are applicable to the CACFP.  If you need help interpreting regulations as they pertain to your organization’s operations, please contact your CACFP specialist.

Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 226: Regulations governing the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s CACFP

Title 2, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 200: Regulations governing administrative requirements, including procurement of goods and services, related to the allowable use of federal funds for all entities receiving federal funding

FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev. 4: Financial management instructions for the CACFP. Includes determining allowable vs. non-allowable costs, prior approval requirements, and other requirements for spending CACFP funds

FNS Instruction 788-16: Administrative Procedures for Multi-State Sponsoring Organization-Child Care Food Program

Assembly Bill 558 School Meals: Overview, background, and program specific guidance on providing meals to nonschoolaged children for local educational agencies.

Program Data

County Profile Reports:  County data from organizations participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program including meals served, program participation, and reimbursement received.

Best Practices

Preschools SHINE: Information on the Preschools Shaping Healthy Impressions through Nutrition and Exercise (SHINE) Program, which is a voluntary recognition program that showcases the outstanding health and wellness programs of early care and education sites (e.g., child care centers, family child care homes) participating in the CACFP.

Farm to CACFP Gardening resources, training, funding opportunities, food safety guidance, and policy to help CACFP operators start and sustain a garden at their site.

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CACFP Administrative Manual

CACFP Bulletins

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